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  • Our guest rooms can be found in the small and contemplative place Kottenborn. Read more

  • Feel at home in our comfortable apartment. Read more

  • The 800 year old place Kottenborn located 4 Km from Adenau at an altitude of 500 meters. Read more

  • Adenau is a city in the Hocheifel and has more to offer than just the Nürburgring. Read more

  • The Eifel is a paradise for leisure activities. Much sights await your visit. Read more

  • Motorsport events of the highest class, hp adventure and holiday in the Green Hell - the Nürburgring. Read more

Guestroom Irene

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Guestroom / Holiday Apartment Irene

You will find in the small and quiet village of Kottenborn, away from the crowds, yet close to the Nürburgring and Adenau. Our comfortable guest rooms and the apartment are equipped with shower, WC. The apartment also offers additional kitchen, dining room, living area with sofa bed. The apartment is on the top floor and offers you relaxing peace a magnificent view of the beautiful Eifel landscape.

Indulge yourself in our rich breakfast with fresh products from the Eifel, as fresh bread, homemade jams, fruit juices, fruit, cereal, yogurt etc.

Touristic partner Nürburgring

Touristikpartner Nürburgring

Guestroom Irene is a touristic partner of the Nürburgring.

The touristic partner of the Nürburgring are characterized by exceptional quality and service for the visitor.


Nürburgring Events 2019/2020:

Date Stand 03.10.2019

04.10.2019 (Fr) -
06.10.2019 (So)
ADAC/RGB Saisonfinale
04.10.2019 (Fr)
20:00 Uhr
Eifler Wiesn - Oktoberfest am Nürburgring
05.10.2019 (Sa)
GLP Gleichmäßigkeitsprüfung
05.10.2019 (Sa)
RCN Rundstrecken-Challenge Nürburgring e.V.
11.10.2019 (Fr)
09:00–15:30 Uhr
VLN - Test und Einstellfahrten
12.10.2019 (Sa)
VLN Langstreckenmeisterschaft
13.10.2019 (So)
European TimeAttack Masters
14.10.2019 (Mo)
16:00 Uhr
Sportfahrertraining Night Session
18.10.2019 (Fr) - 
20.10.2019 (So)
ADAC Westfalen Trophy
25.10.2019 (Fr)
08:30–14:00 Uhr
VLN - Test und Einstellfahrten
25.10.2019 (Fr) - 
27.10.2019 (So)
Nürburgring Drift Cup
26.10.2019 (Sa)
VLN Season End Party
26.10.2019 (Sa)
VLN Langstreckenmeisterschaft
31.10.2019 (Do)
01.11.2019 (Fr) - 
03.11.2019 (So)
Green Hell Driving Days
23.11.2019 (Sa)
29.11.2019 (Fr) - 
08.12.2019 (So)
Essen Motor Show
31.12.2019 (Di)
Silvesterparty am Nürburgring
25.04.2020 (Sa) - 
26.04.2020 (So)
ADAC Qualifikationsrennen 24h-Rennen
09.05.2020 (Sa)
Fisherman's Friend StrongmanRun
21.05.2020 (Do) - 
24.05.2020 (So)
ADAC TOTAL 24h-Rennen
05.06.2020 (Fr) - 
07.06.2020 (So)
Rock am Ring
12.06.2020 (Fr) - 
14.06.2020 (So)
Nürburgring Classic
17.07.2020 (Fr) - 
19.07.2020 (So)
ADAC Truck-Grand-Prix
24.07.2020 (Fr) - 
26.07.2020 (So)
Rad am Ring
14.08.2020 (Fr) - 
16.08.2020 (So)
ADAC GT Masters
21.08.2020 (Fr) - 
23.08.2020 (So)
New Horizons Festival
11.09.2020 (Fr) - 
13.09.2020 (So)

Dates subject to change


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